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Bird Cages, Parrot Cages & Parrot Stands

Bird Cages, Parrot Cages and Parrot Stands are an essential part of keeping a pet bird. These days there is a huge variety of styles and shapes, such as open top cages, flight cages and high quality stainless steel bird cages. Whichever you choose, always go for a size appropriate for the type of bird or parrot you have or intend on buying. Your bird should be able to spread its wing easily within the cage, and still have room for bird toys, feeding bowls and bird perches. Why not come instore and browse our huge range of bird cages, parrot cages and bird stands, or visit our online store Pet Shop Direct. Check out our great deals and pricing.

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Our Range Of Cages

We stock a huge range of Bird Cages & Parrot Cages. Our Brands include Featherland Stainless Steel, Green Parrot Stainless Steel, Avi One & Bono Fido. When choosing a bird or parrot cage it is important to choose a cage which will suit the species of bird that you purchase. It also depends on weather your bird will be an out of the cage bird (bird that is trained to sit on a stand) or an in the cage bird. With cages bigger is better, birds should be able to stretch their wings and have plenty of room for toys and interactive activities. We cater for all birds from canarys to macaws.  Our store’s specialty is bird products, we believe that parrots have a quite a high intelligence, and therefore need stimulating activities and foraging toys to keep their minds active. Birds that don’t have access to toys and enrichment activities will tend to be less active and may resort to destructive behaviours like feather plucking or constant calling. 

Our Cages are all well known brands and therefore of a higher quality than similar looking copies. The difference might not be apparent in the beginning, but when cleaned a few times these inferior copies will start to rust or flake. Both of which can be harmful to your bird or parrot. Stainless Steel is the safest of all bird cages, no flaking, easy to clean and will outlast similar looking powdercoat cages. Bird Specialist Vets tend to send quite a few people to us in regards to changing over to stainless steel cages. We have so many cages we cant list or picture all of them on this site, come in store and speak to one of our trained staff members, and they will be able to help you with not only caging requirements but nutrition and the health and wellbeing of your parrot.

Parrot Stands

Parrot stands are always a popular alternative to cages. This gives parrots the freedom to interact with members of the family. A parrot on a stand is usually more social / confident, and less stressed than caged birds. Parrots are able to be trained to stay on a stand at any age. Most people will also have a night time cage, or a cage for when nobody is home, this can prevent damage to household items by some parrots.

We have a large range of Stands & Gyms. By far the most popular are our hand made Natural stands. These contain a stainless steel base dish with castor wheels so they can be easily moved around the home. They are made from bird safe dried eucalyptus branches and contain stainless steel feeders. These stands are great for parrots feet and beak as they are all natural & ergonomic for birds. After all, natural wood branches are what parrots perch on in the wild and are adapted for.


New to Petfood Plus are Larger sized stainless steel cages for cockatoos and macaw sized birds. Made out of high quality stainless steel these are a much safer alternative to powder coated cages. Easy to clean and more hygenic.

These Can be shipped Out. Call us on (02) 97502922 or email us for a quote.

SMALL – Good for ringnecks, Lorikeets, sun conure ect
18″(46cm)Deep X 27″(68.5cm)Long X 56″(142cm)High, 3mm Wire & 1/2″ bar spacing

MEDIUM – Good for Green Cheek Conure, Alexandrine Sized Parrots ect
21″(53cm)Deep X 30″(76cm)Long X 64″(162.5cm)High, 3mm Wire & 5/8″ bar spacing 

LARGE – Good for African Grey, Galah, Eclectus Sized Parrots ect
24″(61cm)Deep X 36″(91cm)Long X 65″(165cm)High, 4mm Wire & 1″ bar spacing 

EXTRA LARGE – Good for Cockatoo Sized Parrots ect

28″(72cm)Deep X 42″(107cm)Long X 66″(168cm)High, 4.5mm Wire & 1″ bar spacing 

EXTRA-EXTRA LARGE – Good for Macaw Sized Parrots, Black Cockatoo ect
32″(82cm)Deep X 48″(122cm)Long X 74″(188cm)High, 5mm Wire & 1 1/4″ bar spacing 




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