Canidae natural dog food comes in a variety of formulas.  All are made with the same commitment to your dog’s well being. Whether you feed your dog our grain free Pure formulas or Life Stages formulas, only high quality ingredients are used. Great tasting premium nutrition you can count on to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Canidae Grain Free Pure

canidae-grain-free-pure-elements canidae-grain-free-pure-land canidae-grain-free-pure-sea canidae-grain-free-pure-sky

Grain Free PURE dog  food formulas feature 7-10 key ingredients, with fresh meat or fish always first, complimented by whole foods including sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and peas. Available in both dry and can formulas, these simple recipes are ideal for pets with or without food sensitivities. Made without grains or fillers.

Varients Include:

Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea – Grain Free Pure Elements – Grain Free Pure Land – Grain Free Pure Sky & Grain Free Pure Foundations ( Puppy )

Canidae Life Stages


Canidae Life Stages dog food is made for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. Both dry and canned formulas are made with high quality protein sources, and a nutritious blend of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. There’s a recipe for every pet in your family, including our All Life Stages formula (Canidae ALS), which is ideal for multi dog families.

Variants Include:

Canidae All Life Stages (ALS) – Life Stages Lamb & Rice – Life Stages Chicken & Rice – Life Stages Platinum (Senior & Light Formula)

Petfood Plus has been a stockist of Canidae Dog Food since it was first introduced into Australia. It is chosen by our customers firstly because of the quality ingredients. These days reading an ingredients label is important in determining the quality and make up of a dog food. Canidae uses only high quality protein sources, vitamins, minerals and probiotics which all help to improve the health and wellbeing of dogs. You can tell a canidae fed dog straight away, generally they have a beautiful glossy coat. These grain free formulas are low allergenic so they are also great for dogs that are prone to food related skin allergies.

Many customers have told us that after feeding their dogs on canidae grain free formulas they have noticed that their dogs have stopped scratching and skin irritations have gone. These are the benefits of feeding a high quality pet food.

Come in store today and grab a bag. It has a satisfaction and palatability money back guarantee.

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