Cat Scratching Post

Cat Scratching Post & Cat Scratchers

Cat Scratching Post & Cat Scratchers are a great way to soothe a cats urges to scratch furiture. It is best to provide your pet with a cat scratching post or cat scratcher from a young age so it learns that the cat scratcher is the place for scratching. It can be encouraged by spraying the post with catnip spray. Catnip is a herb that cats find irresistable, and is found in many cat toys. Browse our huge range instore or visit our online store Pet Shop Direct for some great deals.

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Australian Made Cat Scratchers

We stock a range of large size cat scratching posts, cat scratchers, cubbies and climbers. Heavy duty australian made cat scratching post, cat scratchers & cat climbing furniture that is durable and sturdy. We also stock a large range of simple sisal, seagrass and carpet scratching poles also.

Scratching is a natural behavior of cats, but can be quite destructive to furniture, so providing your cats with adequate toys and poles can not only be enjoyable for your cat, but also save your furniture.

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Basic Cat Scratchers

Basic cat scratching poles are a very popular item, made from carpet and sisal these satisfy a cats natural behaviour of scratching and clawing. They are a great addition to any cat home and give cats somewhere to let loose.

For unwanted Scratching behavior, we stock behavoural items like:

Feliway- synthetic pheromone product that can calm cats and stop behavoural issues like scratching of furniture.

No Scratch Spray- spray deterrent that can be sprayed on furniture

Scat Mat- a mat with small plastic spikes that cats find uncomfortable to sit or walk on.

Stay Away- motion activated pet deterrent. When cat crosses in front of the sensor, oxygen is sprayed to scare the cat off.

Sticky Paws- Sticky tape that is applied to furniture edges, when scratched, cats paws stick to it.

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