Dog Grooming Products

Dog Grooming Products

Petfood Plus stocks a Huge Range of grooming products. Brands include Andis, Oster, Wahl, Furminator, Millers Forged, Gripsoft, Mikki, Biogroom, Fidos, Dermcare.

Electric Clippers

We have one of the largest ranges of elecrtic clippers in stock.

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Andis Models: Andis BTB Cordless trimmer, Andis D-4D Power Trimmer, Andis Easy Clip Multi Trimmer, Andis Easy Clip Versa Clipper (RACD), Andis Easy Clip Groom (MGB), Andis Pro Clip AGC, Andis Pro Clip AGC2, Andis Pro Clip AGC2 SUPER, Andis Super AGR Cordless Professional, Andis Quiet Aire Dryer.

Oster-A5oster nail filekm-2_pkg_1Wahl EZ Nail File

Oster  Model A5, Oster Cordless Nail Filer, Wahl KM2 Speed, Wahl Nail Filer With Built In Grinding Wheel.

Grooming Brushes, Deshedders, Combs & Nail Clippers

fpostimage03gripsoft-double-sided-brushMiki Hard Pin Slicker

Furminator Deshedding Tools reduce shedding by upto 90%. One of our most popular products. Designed to remove loose hair from dogs coat, therefore reducing the amount of shedded hair around the home.

We also have full ranges of Gripsoft and Mikki grooming brushes & combs. Slicker Brushes, Pin Brushes, Shine Brushes, Porcupine Brushes, Curry Combs, Moulting Combs, Flea Combs, Rakes, Nail Clippers, Guillotine Clippers, Matt Breakers, Professional Scissors.

Shampoo & Conditioners


Quality Grooming Shampoos & Conditioners. Biogroom Professional shampoos are high quality concentrated shampoos where a little goes a long way. Made in the US and used by professional groomers worldwide, these products leave your dogs fur soft and silky. Whitener shampoos, Black colour enhancer shampoos, silk conditioners, even Lanolin shampoo that coats and protects dogs fur and leaves it fresh smelling for longer. Nootie brand of sweet smelling shampoos and spritzers leave dogs smelling like no other shampoos on the market. With fragrances like sweet pea & cherry blossom, these are some of the best smelling shampoos on the market. Dermcare brand of shampoos, Australian made and have a coconut smell to them. Designed for dogs with sensitive skin or for any dog that requires a gentle shampoo and conditioner. These shampoos leave your dogs fur smooth and silky. Contain oatmeal, so they are very soothing to dogs skin.