Fish Foods

NEW FROZEN FISH FOODS: Krill, Plankton, Mysis Shrimp, Red Daphnia, Tubifex Worms, Marine Algae, Marine Angel food, 3 brands of brine shrimp, 3 brands of bloodworms, Discus dinners, Cichlid Dinners ect ect.

We stock Spectrum Tetra, Wardleys, Hikari, Sera, Omega One Premium & Aqua One’s range of fish foods as well as Frozen bloodworms,Brine Shrimp and specific frozen dinners for Ciclids, Discus, Goldfish + many more.

We Stock globes for the AA series Hexa Tank as sold in Big W ect. Model OAA555 EC Hexa 5 Aquarium 6W Globes.


The Aquamanta EFX 1500U is an external filtration system that is quiet and reliable. It contains a self priming pump which provides a hassle free setup. EFX 1500U consist of a UV steriliser that helps control free floating nuisance algae (green water). The ceramic noodles, ceramic substrate and sponges included in the system provide biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. The quick release tap system allows for fast mess free maintenance.


Classic External German Quality Canister Filters. When customers tell us they have been using the same canister filter for the last 20 years, you can guess that its an EHEIM. SALE Eheim 2028

Aqua One Canister Filters

Probably the top selling canister filter in Australia, Aqua One filters are an industry standard. Dont substitute to a no-name brand. Aqua One Spare Parts Allways Available.

AQUA MEDIC Ocean Runner Pumps

These pumps are world renowned for being one of the most reliable, quiet pumps on the market. German Quality, a real stable and efficient sump filter pump, or for any use where a water pump is needed. OR 6500, OR 4500, OR3500


Marine Products

Salt, Hydrometers, Test Kits, LIVE bacterial cultures, Coral Food and Trace elements, Philips & Arcadia Marine UV Globes, Coral Sand, Aragonite & Calcite Substrates ect.


For marine & reef aquariums up to 1200 liters / 300 gallon

Prizm Pro Features

  • Designed for Hang-on and Sump installations
  • Skim-enhancing, convergent-divergent reaction chamber with “Triple-pass” air flow
  • 18-blade “Turbojet” air injector – generates a constant stream of micro-bubbles in a homogenous air/water mixture
  • Flow regulator optimizes the skimming action for all aquarium conditions
  • Includes external water pump
  • Ideal for both new and experienced marine aquarists
  • User-friendly operation and set-up



A Protein Skimmer is a very important tool in reducing the amount of dissolved organic material in the aquarium water. This material consists of protein fragments and other waste, which assemble at air/water surfaces. Protein skimming (also called foam fractionation) can be considered as a form of mechanical filtration, since it is a physical process of removing substances from water, without any chemical or biological action. While a mechanical or pre-filter removes particles, a Protein Skimmer removes suspended or dissolved organic waste and invisible particles from the aquarium water. The advantage of Protein Skimming lies however in the fact that waste material is continuously removed, separating it from the water flow. Efficient removal of dissolved waste helps to reduce the amount of harmful floating bacteria, reduce the yellow discoloration of your aquarium water, limit nitrate and phosphate build up, and prevent the development of slime algae.

 Tropical Fish Products


We stock a full range of Medications,Test Kits,Substrates & Gravels plus specialist products such as ph buffers for cichlids and discus,peat granulate,cichlid salts,phosphate removers, super activated carbons, water conditioners ect

Fish Tanks

Large variety of modern curved glass fish tanks available in black & Silver and matching stands.

Hang-On Filters

Clearview Models 100 L/H, 200 L/H, 300 L/H, 500 L/H, 800 L/H

Prices and Products subject to change without notice.

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