Fish Food

Fish Food

Omega One

Using fresh, cold water marine proteins and kelp, as ingredients, instead of fish meal and a whole lot of starch (like everybody else) puts Omega One light years ahead of any other fish food on the market. It truely is the Best Fish Food in the World.

New Life Spectrum

Brings out beautiful natural colours in fish with four all natural colour enhancing ingredients. Spectrum is made using only high quality ingredients. They include the best quality krill and herring rather than cheaper fishmeals. Even finicky fish take enthusiastically to New Life Spectrum. Its a fully balanced, New Life Spectrum provides your fish with all the nutrients they require. Available in all sizes ranging from Micro granules to Jumbo Pellets. Spectrum Pellets have increased density compared to flake foods, this ensures sufficient nutrients for vigorous growth and health. Formulas to suit every fish, ranges for tropical freshwater, marine, goldfish & koi. Spectrum is recommended by leading cichlid and marine specialists.

We stock SPECTRUM, OMEGA ONE, HIKARI, TETRA, WARDLEY, AQUA ONE dry fish foods as well as Premium Frozen Fish Foods such as HIKARI Bloodworms, Krill, Plancton, Marine Algae, Brine Shrimp, Spirulina loaded Brine Shrimp, Mysis Shrimp, Tubifex Worms, Beef Heart, Marine Dinners, Cichlid Dinners, Discus Dinners ect.