Heat Globes & UV Lighting

Infra Red And Daylight Globes


ExoTerra Infra Red Basking Globes & ExoTerra Daylight Basking Globes

ExoTerra high quality reptile globes are our most popular reptile heat source. ExoTerra heat globes tend to last longer than other brands of globes especially with the constant on-off that most reptile globes go through. These infra red globes give a great looking dark crimson colour to enclosures and can be used for both day time and night time use.

Ceramic Heat Emitters

ceramic-heat-emitter---60-watt-zm05 ceramic-heat-emitter---100-watt-zm40ceramic-heat-emitter---150-watt-zm41ceramic-heat-emitter---250-watt-zm42

Zoo Med Ceramic Heat Emitters

We stock Zoo Meds Range of quality Heat Emitters. These produce a radiant heat which heats up the enclosure. They will also outlast the standard incandescent globes, usually lasting for many years. Make sure your fittings are ceramic and not plastic when using Heat Emitters.

Here at Petfood Plus we stock a large range of Heat Globes and UV Lighting. Come in and speak to one of our friendly staff who can help you with any of your reptile needs.