Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab

Here at Petfood Plus we stock one of Sydneys largest range of hermit crab supplies. We also stock Live Hermit Crabs for sale.

Starter Kits

We not only sell food and supplies but tanks and kits that are ready to go. These will usually include bowls, substrate, ornaments ect.

One of the most popular kits we sell is the Aquatopia Hermit Crab Kit.

Ideal for 2-3 Crabs. Size: 35cmx22cmx26cm. 20L Tank. Easy to setup and maintain. Hermit Crab not included.12 Month Warranty.

Kit comes with: 1.5kg Natural Gravel. 3x Feeding and Water Dishes. Coconut Palm Tree Plastic Plant. Instruction Sheet.


Crab Foods & Treats

hermit crab sera  hermit crab wardley   hermit crab fruit saladhermit crab crunchies

hermit crab cookies hermit crab vacation foodhermit crab hikari

We stock Hikari Crab Cuisine, HBH Hermit Crab Cookies, HBH Hermit Crab Vacation Food, Sera Crabs Natural Staple Diet, Wardley Hermit Crab Premium Food, Zoo Med Hermit Crab Fruit Salad & Zoo Med Hermit Crab Crunchies.

To keep your crabs healthy, a complete balanced diet is important. Using a variety of different foods and treats will make sure your crabs arent lacking anything in their diets.

Ornaments & Decorations

We stock a large range of decorations and themes like. Sponge Bob Theme, Finding Nemo Theme, Little Mermaid Theme and also Natural Decorations, driftwood, climbing ornaments, mini palm tree decoration, and everything that is required to get that natural beech look.


Things to know about keeping Hermit Crabs as pets

1.Provide extra shells. When hermit crabs grow, they need bigger shells. It is important to keep plenty of extra shells similar to your crabs’ sizes in the tank at all times. Once a month or so, rotate a few undisturbed shells out with different styles of shells.

2.Hermit crabs love to climb! In the wild, they will climb large rocks exposed by low tide to search for food. Some toy ideas are: Climbing toys. Giving them things to climb on is a must. Natural toys: Natural rocks and seashells are great things to scatter around the enclosure. Clam shells even make great food dishes. Plastic toys: Plastic plants made for reptiles are great for crabs to climb and hide in, just remember to use the lid of your tank so the crabs dont climb out.

3. Make sure your enclosure keeps the right humidity. You should buy a hygrometer (humidity gauge) and a thermometer. These will help you to monitor and maintain an optimal temperature and relative humidity of around 24-30 degrees C, and 75-85% relative humidity. Hermit crabs breathe through (hardened) gills, and can’t breathe properly unless the air is humid enough. The ideal range is at least 75% relative humidity. Humidity lower than 70% will cause suffocation, which kills slowly over several weeks or months and is extremely painful. Sponges also work well in keeping the right humidity.

4. Make sure the water is dechlorinated. The chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals in most tap water can kill hermit crabs by causing the gills to blister (causing eventual suffocation). Aging the water will remove the chlorine, but not the chloramines, so dechlorinator is a must if you use tap water. Zoomed water conditioner is a good brand to use.

5. Get substrate. Substrate is the layer of material you place on the floor of the tank. Most people use sand but you can also use compressed coconut fiber (Sold as Eco-Earth substrate) Use dechlorinated salt water to wet the sand or coco fibre to keep the humidity at the right level.

6. Make sure you use three bowls. One with dechlorinated fresh water, one with dechlorinated water with added hermit crab salt, and the third with food.

Come and see the helpful staff in store, we have been selling and keeping hermit crabs for over ten years. So we can advise in setting up enclosures, feeding, and overall care and maintenance of keeping hermit crabs healthy and happy.