Parrot Toys

Parrot Toys & Bird Toys are for every bird

Parrot Toys & Bird Toys are one of the most important parts of keeping pet birds happy and healthy. Bird toys encourage birds to exhibit their natural behaviours and avoid boredom & feather plucking. Visit us in store and see why Petfood Plus has the largest range of bird product in Australia. We specialize in large parrot toys and exotic bird supplies. We also cater for small birds like budgies, cockatiels, conures all the way to large exotic parrots like amazons, African greys, eclectus parrots and all species of macaws including Blue and Gold Macaws , Scarlett Macaws and Green Wing Macaws. Visit us in store at Petfood Plus in Sydney and see for yourself our huge range of Parrot Toys and bird supplies, or shop online at our online pet store Pet Shop Direct.

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We have one of the largest ranges of parrot toys, catering to all sized birds from Finches to Macaws. These include Foraging Toys, Rope Toys, Natural Toys, Wood Toys, Acrylic Toys, Stainless Steel Toys and everything in between.


Creative Foraging Bird Toys

What everyone is talking about these days in relation to parrot welfare is Enrichment. This means stimulating the bird into carrying out its natural behaviours. These include Foraging, Problem Solving, Socialising, Bonding & Interaction. Having the right type of toys is crucial in having a healthy happy bird. As anyone who has kept hand reared parrots before knows, they are quite an inteligent animal. They require varied toys and activities to keep them stimulated and prevent destructive behaviours like feather plucking or calling. What we recommend is to have at least two sets of toys, and rotate them weekly. Use interactive foods such as nuts in shells. Parrots have to break through the shell in order to get to the nut kernel inside. This can be an enjoyable activity for parrots, and also has the benefit of keeping their beak nice and trimmed. We stock Almonds in shells, Mixed nuts in shells, Whole Dried chillis, all of which are great interactive treats.

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Natures Instinct Parrot Toys

Natures Instinct parrot toys are a range of heavy duty interactive plastic toys. Parrots have to twist, pull or spin in order to get a reward. Place treats such as nuts or dried fruits (pref organic) inside. Your parrot then has to work to get a reward. These toys vary in difficulty from novice to genius. Great toys to keep a parrot busy for an extended period of time.

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Pollys Shower Perch & The Percher Portable Parrot Perch

Pollys shower perch is always a top seller, comes in original and sand covered for extra grip. This can be placed in the shower so your parrot can bathe and play in the rain. Bathing and preening is essential in keeping a birds feathers in top condition. Often neglected, it should be a part of  every birds routine. We stock these in two sizes, medium & large. The percher portable parrot perch is another great innovation. Its compact, has a poop catching tray, and is easy to clean. Take your parrot where ever you are – by the computer, watching tv, sitting on the lounge. Its so compact you can take it anywhere. Poop drops straight into the catcher, which means no more cleaning up poop around the home.