Prettybird Bird Foods

Prettybird Bird Foods

PrettyBird was founded in 1990 with the goal of providing the best possible foods for your companion animals. Pretty Bird has taken a fresh approach to nutrition and applied new ideas and technology to solve old problems in unique ways. Continuing research and application of new ideas allows Pretty Bird to continue to meet the changing needs of companion animals and their owners.        

  • Multi-Coloured, multi-shaped foods to enhance acceptance             
  • Species specific formulas
  • High Quality extruded Pellet foods for Parrots

Variants Stocked Include: Species Specific Cockatiel, Lory, African, Eclectus, Amazon Cockatoo, Macaw, Daily Select Small, Daily Select Medium



Prettybird extruded pellets contain all vitamins and minerals required by pet birds today. Over the many years selling these products we have found them to be one of the most palatable pelletised foods available in Australia. They are tailored Specific to certain species of parrots. For example Macaw contains a higher nut content where Eclectus has a higher fruit content. Species Specific Eclectus is by far our most popular product in this range, great for Eclectus owners, the birds tend to love these fruity colourful shapes, so there is not too much wastage. Overall Prettybird is a great balanced diet for parrots.