Reptile Products

We have a huge range of reptile & amphibian keeping products and accessories. We keep everything for reptiles like uv globes, heat imiters, ceramic fittings, heat guards, heat pads, heatstones, thermostats, medications, vitamins & water conditioners.

Reptile Foods

We keep a full range of reptile foods from frozen Mice, Rats & Quails to all live foods such as crickets (all sizes), mealworms and woodies. We also carry a range of freeze dried foods (crickets,mealies ect) for those times when your live food runs out and you reptile needs a feed.

Reptile Egg Incubator

Accurate cooling and heating combination

  • Prevents egg loss

  • Digital Temperature Control

  • Ideal for hibernation (1)

  • Removable tray to increase humidity levels (2)

  • Double slide-out shelves

  • Great for climate controlled transportation (3)

  • Very quiet operation

  • Shelves for optimal capacity (4)

The Exo Terra Reptile Incubator uses thermoelectric technology which enables the device to cool and to heat. The temperature range is approximately 2°C to 60°C (36°F to 140°F), depending on the ambient room temperature. The temperature can be easily set using the digital control; and the bright-light LED display indicates the current incubation temperature.

The incubator has a transparent door and interior lighting to easily monitor the incubation and hatching process. Unlike conventional incubators, the Exo Terra Incubator automatically starts cooling when the temperature exceeds the set incubation temperature and automatically switches back to heating mode when the temperature drops below the set incubation temperature. This cooling and heating combination is extremely useful in rapidly changing environments and during hot summers. The Exo Terra Incubator prevents egg loss due to overheating by automatically switching into cooling mode until the set incubation temperature is reached. Humidity is provided by adding water to the slide-out tray in the bottom of the unit or by adding an extra (optional) container with water.

A. Digital Temperature Control with bright LED digital indicator B. Double slide-out shelves and condensation tray C. Accurate cooling and heating combination, prevents egg loss D. Large transparent door E. Interior light switch (on/off) to easily monitor the eggs F. Power switch (on/off) on front panel G. Carrying handle for easy transportation

Enclosures & Terrariums

We stock a large range of reptile tanks. Classic white melamine Dalbarb 2 foot, 3 foot & 4 foot tanks. These come with ceramic fittings built in. Very popular tanks with reptile keepers. We also stock glass reptile tanks, glass turtle tanks as well as small plastic tanks for juveniles or insects. The keeping of reptiles is growing across australia, here at petfood plus we cater to all your reptile needs.


Exoterra Terrariums

Exoterra Terrariums all come with twin locking glass doors, mesh top, cable entry slots, moulded rock background and waterproof base so can be set up for turtles and frogs. 4 sizes in stock.

Turtle Tanks

Aqua One Turtle Pro comes with 3 foot glass tank, canister filter, mesh top, 3D background and dock. Light unit available seperately.